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Hyacinth Tips & Tricks

Hyacinths are a beautiful, popular, highly fragranced, and locally grown bulb flower so I thought I would share some tips and advice for those who love them.

We sell Hyacinths either in bulb or cut flower form. Cut Hyacinths are available in store from May to October and bulbs will flower from June to August when it is cool. I absolutely love plucking them fresh from the garden when they appear and arranging them in a small vase.

We source Pale Pink, Mid Pink, Mauve, Purple, Peach, Pale Blue, Dark Blue and White tones when they are available from our local grower.

They are grown in a sand/soil solution so it is normal to find sand, dirt and little rocks when you place their stems into water.

The fresh cut flower looks great as a single stem or on mass. They are one of the most heavily fragranced flowers available so the more stems you have, the heavier the fragrance will be. You’ll either love them or will be sickened by them!

If the tiny bloom looks transparent, do not buy them. This is a sign they are old and have been stored in a flower fridge for far too long. As soon as you unwrap them, they will fall apart or need to be binned the next day. You want to buy them short stemmed and tight, and showing minimal colour to ensure they last their 7-11 day life period.

The highly fragranced bloom can also cause allergies such as itchy skin rashes, headaches and hay fever symptoms so we do not recommend Hyacinths for sensitive people or environments like hospitals.

To ensure your cut flowers last 7-11 days, follow these simple Flower Care Tips:

  1. Buy fresh, premium, tight Hyacinths and make sure they still have their bulb base attached to the bottom of their stem if given the choice.
  2. Do not remove any foliage (unless damaged) or the bulb base. This will ensure they last longer.
  3. Place the stems into a supportive vase i.e. a vase with a tall, narrow opening so the stems do not droop over and snap. Like Tulips, Hyacinths grow in the vase and can become top heavy so they need a supportive vase.
  4. Keep them in a cool interior space as to ensure they last their 7-11 day life period.
  5. There is no need to recut the bottom of their stems (see image showing bulbs below) as this will remove the bulb base, but its vital you refresh their water every 2 days. We hope you enjoy your fragrant blooms !

x Kate


  • Thank you Raquel and we are so pleased to hear you have found this about about Hyacinth care really helpful. Thank you Kate x

  • Thanks so much for this information, I haven’t been able to find anything on cut hyacinths elsewhere!

  • We recommend you don’t cut the bulb base off (‘base’ in the image above) when displaying stems of Hyacinth in a vase. Florists sell Hyacinth stems without the bulb attached but the bulb base is still intact which is important not to cut off.

    If you are cutting stems of Hyacinth straight from your garden, I recommend you cut as close to the bulb with a clean floral knife (similar to the image) so the cut flower lasts longer. And leave the bulb in the ground. The bulb should re-flower next year with the help of some bulb flower care.

    Hope this helps,


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