Florist Talk | 10 European Florists You Should be Following on Insta

Florist Talk | 10 European Florists You Should be Following on Insta

When it comes to design, it’s fairly safe to generalise that Europeans 'do it’ better. They rightly lay claim to the best design in just about everything from fashion to cars. So when it comes to flowers, how can we not pay close attention?

The thing I love most about European designers is that every element is so considered. While there tends to be a more whimsical, loose approach to floral design generally in Australia, perhaps stemming from our generally laid back style, Europeans seem to pay particular attention to structure and clean lines in their work. I have always been so inspired by their attention to detail and workmanship and have personally always preferred the challenge of designing to cleaner, more contemporary briefs. In my opinion it takes more skill.

Then there is the scale of the European events generally. At the top end, they really have to be seen to be believed. One of my favourite floral designers, Belgium native, Daniel Ost is a man I insist you take a close look at for a benchmark of workmanship on scale. Every florist should own at least one of his books. He is beyond inspirational.

European floral designers also enjoy a greater variety of flowers all year round, which is something I am hugely envious of! Culturally, flowers are deeply valued and I think this is consistent with the way Europeans seem to celebrate life with so much style.

In no particular order, I have rounded up a modest list of 10 designers I think you should be following on Instagram when your having a creative lull and maybe need some inspiration. By no means an exhaustive list (some of the best aren’t even on Insta) but a pretty good place to start.

Enjoy, and I’d love to know of any others you feel strongly about!

Kate x

  1. Daniel Ost
  2. Gregor Lersch
  3. Stef Adriaenssens
  4. Tomas De Bruyne
  5. Tanus Saab
  6. Thierry Bouemy
  7. Palo Onder
  8. Daniel Santamaría
  9. Fabio Zardi
  10. Pim Van Den Akker


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