Helpful tips for making your tulips last longer

Helpful tips for making your tulips last longer

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On average, Tulips should last a bare minimum of 7 days.

At home, on average, I can enjoy Tulips for at least 10 days, depending on how I care for them.

Here are some helpful tips on keeping Tulips for 10+ days.

  1. Always buy Tulips when they are 'green', not showing too much colour, still tight in bud, and definitely not in full bloom.
  2. There are different grades of flowers so always try and buy from a florist that sells premium grade blooms. The premium or elite Tulips will always last longer than the 'B-grade' quality.
  3. Supporting your local florist will help build rapport and you may get access to special blooms that are in limited numbers or of special quality.
  4. The best days to buy Tulips (in Melbourne, Victoria) are Tuesday and Thursday, which are our best market or grower days. Another tip would be to pre-order over the phone or online the day prior so you are guaranteed the freshest and finest Tulips.
  5. If you've collected your Tulips from the florist’s store, do not leave them in a warm car or out of water for longer than 30 minutes. They don’t fair well in heat, so it’s best to plan ahead.
  6. Make sure you thoroughly clean the tulip vase prior to displaying your fresh Tulips. If you display the Tulips in a dirty vase, the bacteria will affect their longevity. I recommend scrubbing the vase with a hint of bleach which will remove any scum and bacteria that has formed. Always rinse with warm to hot water and dry.
  7. Fill the vase with 2 inches of cold fresh water. Keep the water level low as Tulips do not like to sit in too much water.
  8. Prior to arranging the Tulips into the vase, cut the stems with scissors or a knife. Always cut the stem on an angle so the water has a wider circumference to enter from. 
  9. Refresh the vase water, wash the vase out, and always refill with cold water every second day. You will enjoy the Tulips much longer if you look after them and refresh them every second day. 
  10. Keep your Tulips in a cooler room in the house if possible. Tulips are winter flowers and love being cold, so to maximise their life, also make sure they are away from air-conditioning.

I hope this blog helps you enjoy your fresh, locally grown, premium quality Tulips for longer. The longest I have had Tulips last has been 16 days. Let me know if you beat that!

Kate x




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I have a fundraiser in 6 days.. I have 20 potted tulips in a cooler right now….buds are still closed… how many days before the event should i remove them from cooler in order to have them be blooming that night… at least half way open….? thanking you in advance for your advice…Heidi

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