Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of Hydrangeas

Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of Hydrangeas

Who doesn’t love Hydrangeas?! They are one of our best selling flowers right now and while they are known for their hardiness in the garden, they do require some care to ensure they’re full potential is realised in the vase.

Below are some helpful flower care tips:

  1. When buying Hydrangeas, always ask how old they are. You really want to make sure you are buying the freshest Hydrangeas available (1-3 days old) as they only tend to last 5-9 days depending on how you care for them. Alternatively, pre-order the Hydrangeas to ensure you are buying the freshest from the growers. We are more than happy to custom order the freshest blooms for our clients.
  2. Go straight home with them! Leaving them in a hot car for an extended period will drastically cut their life in the vase! If they are going to be out of water for more than 1 hour let your florist know so they can give you some transportation options.
  3. When you get them home make sure you re-cut their stems. Take off half an inch to ensure the stem will take water properly. If you do not re-cut their stems they will droop and look sad.
  4. Place them in your favourite vase. But firstly make sure you fill the vase 3/4 full with fresh, cold water. Most flowers prefer 1/3 vase full of water but Hydrangeas will appreciate a full vase of water. Refresh the water every day (or every second day at the latest) for optimal endurance.

And some tricks…

  1. If you have received a droopy bouquet of Hydrangeas or you have left them out of water for too long, a good trick is to submerge the entire bunch (stem and bloom) under clean, cold water and leave them for 5-10 minutes. Hydrangeas take water from not only the bottom of their stem but high up their stem and through their bloom.
  2. An old trick for keeping Hydrangeas fresh is to scold or smash their stems but we don’t tend to follow this.

These beautiful blooms will be available from December until April/May and are available in White, Pink, Purple, Green & Blue through Summer and then change colours through cooler Autumn months. Please note they are grown outdoors so colours and varieties can vary depending on the weather and heat.


x Kate

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