Rose Flowers: Why Outer Petal Damage is Normal

Rose Flowers: Why Outer Petal Damage is Normal

When you’re buying roses, chances are you’re looking for the best bouquet available. You want something that looks fresh and vibrant. Yet, how do you achieve that if your flowers are constantly in transit?

One of the best ways is utilising outer petals as a buffer to protect your flower. When your arrangement arrives, you can follow the proper procedure to remove your outer petals and reveal the fresh ones underneath. Keep reading to learn more about this why outer petal damage is normal and how you can use it to your advantage!

Outer petals 101

Initially, outer petals may make a flower appear gross and damaged but knowing that these petals are meant to come off makes all the difference. Florists understand that no flower is going to make it through transit it without a few bumps and bruises. It’s better to leave outer petals on the flower so that nothing will get ruined.

So, when will you see outer petals and when won’t you? Outer petals are only necessary for arrangements that may get bumped around. If you’re getting an arrangement hand-delivered for display, they probably aren’t necessary. When you go to pick up flowers (versus having them delivered) from your florist, they often know that it might be best to leave the flowers because customers need to get them home themselves.

So, how exactly does outer petal removal work?

Never removed petals yourself? Never fear! It’s fairly self-explanatory, and you can absolutely do it yourself. Don’t let inexperience scare you away from the process. Following these steps can ensure that your roses are beautiful every single time.

Step 1: Identify the guard petals

 Your first step is deciding which petals need to go. You don’t want to go crazy and start picking apart your flower. Your goal is to identify which petals have been protecting your flower from harm. The guard petals are the ones that likely look the worst — they may appear wilted, ugly, and dying. Don’t worry though! That’s not a reflection of the entire flower itself. It’s just because it’s been bumped around a bit because of transit.

Step 2: Gently peel away the petal

Emphasis on gently! Place your index finger on the inside of the petal and pull down toward the stem. You want to do this slow and softly. DO NOT pluck the petal as this can be damaging to the flower. Peel away only the guard petal.

Step 3: Discard the guard petals

Once you’ve repeated the process for all the guard petals, feel free to dispose of them as you wish. Guard petals can be used in potpourri or other crafts if you wish!

Step 4: Tease your remaining petals

While this step is completing optional, it can be a great way to make your roses look fuller. Gently pull on each petal to give it a fuller appearance and encourage them to puff outward. You want to be gentle with only a little bit of pressure. Applying too much could pull the petal out or cause them to wilt, so be careful!

Step 5: Follow basic rose care tips

Once you have your roses all fluffed up and looking nice, you want to make sure they’re properly cared for. Make sure you trim the stems and prune the leaves, clean a vase and fill it with cold water that you change every other day, and keep your roses out of direct sunlight. For more information on rose care, read Top Tips for Buying and Caring for Roses.

Final thoughts

Roses are the most popular flower available. When you purchase roses, it’s because you want a beautiful bouquet to display in your home. You want to make sure that every single flower looks top quality, but it can sometimes be a struggle to ensure that when you’re transporting them. Luckily, your florist has your back and knows that keeping guard petals in place will guarantee that your roses survey transit. Once you get home, identify your guard petals, gentle peel them back, dispose of them creativity, and fluff up your remaining petals. You’ll have a perfect bouquet in no time at all!

I have also made a quick video showing you how to manage your roses. Enjoy!

Kate x

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