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A guide to Wedding Bridal Bouquet Prices

Planning your dream wedding in Melbourne? Here's how to better understand the price of bridal bouquets for your dream Melbourne wedding.

Are you envisioning your dream wedding in Melbourne? If so, understanding the costs involved in choosing your bridal bouquet is an important step. Your bridal bouquet is not just a bunch of flowers; it’s a reflection of your style, a statement piece that will accompany you down the aisle, and a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

At Kate Hill Flowers, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect bridal bouquet. We are here to guide you through the pricing details, ensuring you can make an informed decision.

Understanding the Basics of Bridal Bouquet Prices

Bridal Bouquet being held by bride in Melbourne on wedding day

First, let’s demystify what influences the cost of a bridal bouquet. In Melbourne, the price of a bridal bouquet typically ranges from $150 to $500, depending on various factors, such as:

1. Flower Selection

The types of flowers you choose play a significant role in the cost. Common flowers like roses, tulips, and carnations are generally less expensive than exotic blooms such as orchids, peonies, and gardenias. Seasonal flowers are usually more affordable than those that are out of season or imported.

2. Bouquet Size and Style

The complexity and size of your bouquet can impact the price. A simple, hand-tied bouquet will generally be less expensive than an elaborate cascade or a bouquet with intricate floral designs. Bridal bouquets are typically more expensive than bridesmaid bouquets due to their size and the number of flowers used.

3. Customisation and Design

If you desire a bespoke bouquet tailored to your wedding theme and personal preferences, this customisation can add to the cost. Unique design elements, such as adding succulents, bedazzlements, ribbons, berries, or special foliage, can also increase the price.

Bridal Bouquet Price Ranges Explained

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To give you a clearer picture, here’s a breakdown of what you might expect for different price ranges:

  • $150 - $250: In this range, you can get a beautiful, modest bouquet with popular, seasonal flowers. This price typically covers a small to medium-sized bouquet, ideal for brides looking for something elegant yet straightforward.

  • $250 - $350: A more extensive selection of flowers becomes available at this price point. You can opt for medium to large-sized bouquets with a variety of blooms, possibly including some premium flowers. Designs might be more intricate, with a mix of textures and colours.

  • $350 - $500+: Here, you enter the realm of luxury bouquets. These often include high-end, exotic flowers, imported or out-of-season flowers, and more complex arrangements. Larger, lush bouquets with personalised touches and unique design elements are common in this price range.

On average, our bridal bouquets at Kate Hill Flowers sit within the mid-tier range. Our brides are currently loving reflexed rose bouquets in medium to large sizes. And when Peony Roses are in season (from October to December), our brides are particularly enamoured with our Peony Rose bridal bouquets which can require higher budgets according to their limited availability. 

Seasonal Considerations

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Melbourne’s temperate climate offers a diverse range of flowers throughout the year, but seasonal availability can impact both the selection and the cost.

Spring and summer bring a bounty of blooms, making it easier to source locally grown flowers at lower prices. In contrast, winter weddings may see higher costs due to the need for imported flowers.

Prices also increase dramatically from suppliers and growers during peak times such as New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day (February 14), and Mother’s Day (May 10-12). To avoid paying more, try to schedule your wedding away from these dates.

Additional Costs

Bridal Bouquet being held by bride in Melbourne on wedding day

Beyond the bouquet, remember to budget for other floral arrangements, such as bridesmaids' bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and table centrepieces. Each of these elements adds to the overall floral budget.

Discussing your vision and budget openly with your florist can help in creating a cohesive and beautiful floral plan that suits your wedding style.

Choosing the Right Florist

Bridal Bouquet being held by bride in Melbourne on wedding day

Choosing a reputable florist is crucial. At Kate Hill Flowers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, experience, and personalised service. We work closely with brides to ensure each bouquet is a masterpiece, reflecting their unique style and the beauty of their love story.

With over 26 years of wedding experience, you can trust that you’re in the very best hands when it comes to selecting your perfect bridal bouquet for your Melbourne wedding.

Final Thoughts

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Your bridal bouquet is a significant part of your wedding day. Understanding the factors that influence its price can help you plan better and ensure you get the bouquet of your dreams without unexpected costs.

At Kate Hill Flowers, we’re here to help you navigate these choices with ease and elegance. Let’s create something beautiful together and make your wedding day as magical as you’ve always envisioned.

Kate x

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