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3 Great Ways to Repurpose Your Melbourne Wedding Flowers

In the months leading up to your wedding, you have likely spent countless hours working with your florist to select the perfect wedding flower arrangements for your special day.

From bridal bouquets to table centrepieces to ceremony decorations, flowers play a pivotal role in your wedding. But have you considered what happens to those wedding flowers when your wedding is over?

It is common for flowers to simply be left at the venue and discarded after the celebrations are finished, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a number of ways to enjoy your wedding flowers following your special day to keep the magic alive.

1. Send Flowers Home with Guests

One great way to keep your flowers from going to waste is to send them home with your guests on the night of the wedding. Not only does this make the cleanup process easier, but it is the perfect way to thank your friends and family for attending the wedding. Simply ask your florist to provide kraft paper or plastic for your guests to wrap their flowers in if you don’t want them to take the vases home with them. When you book your wedding flowers through Kate Hill, the vases are included so it’s much easier for your guests to take the flowers home after the wedding.

2. Donate to a Hospice

Another generous way to repurpose your wedding flowers in Melbourne is to donate them to a hospice. Your beautiful bouquets, centrepieces, and large arrangements are sure to bring happiness to the residents, which is a great way to spread the love you celebrated during your wedding. Ask your florist about pickup and delivery service options. At Kate Hill Flowers, we can pick up the flowers the night of your wedding or the following day and deliver them to a hospice in Melbourne. We do this in our local area at no additional charge.

3. Deliver to the Bride’s House

Bring the beauty of your wedding back home with you by having your wedding flowers delivered to your house the following day. Many couples invite their closest friends and family members to their home the day after the wedding to catch up. Your repurposed wedding flowers are ideal for decorating this intimate event. By surrounding yourself with the flowers from your wedding, you extend the joy and beauty of your special day into the next day’s celebrations.

Additional Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers

While sending flowers home with guests, donating to a hospice, and delivering them to the bride’s house are three fantastic options, there are other creative ways to repurpose your wedding flowers.

Pressing Flowers: Press your wedding flowers to create lasting mementos. These can be framed and displayed as beautiful art pieces in your home.

Making Potpourri: Turn your flowers into potpourri. This way, you can enjoy their fragrance and beauty for months to come. It’s a wonderful way to remember your wedding day.

Creating Floral Keepsakes: Use your wedding flowers to make floral keepsakes like jewelry, candles, or coasters. These items can be treasured by you or given as gifts to loved ones.

Flower Petal Confetti: Dry the petals to create eco-friendly confetti for future celebrations. This can be used for anniversaries, birthdays, or any festive occasion.

Community Donations: Consider donating your flowers to other community centers such as nursing homes, shelters, or hospitals. Brightening someone’s day with your beautiful flowers can be a wonderful way to spread joy.

In Summary

Kate Hill Flowers offers premium wedding flowers in Melbourne to enhance your special day. We leave it up to the bride and groom to decide what they would like to do with their flowers following the wedding while offering a number of services to help them repurpose their flowers in a meaningful way. Kate Hill Flowers is available to pick up the flowers after the wedding to deliver to a hospice or the bride’s house. We also include all wedding flowers for guests to take home after the event.

By considering these repurposing ideas, you not only avoid waste but also extend the joy and beauty of your wedding day. Celebrate love and happiness by giving your wedding flowers a new life and purpose.

Kate x

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