Birthday flowers bouquet by Kate Hill

The September 2023 Kate Hill Bespoke Birthday Bouquet

Meticulously crafted by our expert team of florists, this exquisite birthday flower arrangement is the perfect blend of elegance and celebration, promising to add an extra touch of luxury to any birthday occasion this September.

A birthday bouquet that blends a symphony of colours and scents, featuring a selection of the finest blooms, each chosen for their unique beauty and fragrance:

White Delphiniums: Standing tall and graceful, these white delphiniums are a symbol of purity and innocence. Their gentle presence adds a touch of sophistication to the bouquet.

'Candlelight' Butter Roses: The heart of this bouquet lies in the stunning 'Candlelight' butter roses. These roses, known for their creamy, buttery hue, exude a warmth and softness that is truly captivating.

White Clethra Foliage: Adding a lush green backdrop, the white clethra foliage complements the flowers, bringing freshness and vibrancy to the arrangement.

Lemon Erlicheer Jonquils: To complete the ensemble, the lemon Erlicheer jonquils inject a burst of bright, cheerful yellow. Their delightful fragrance is reminiscent of sweet lemons, infusing the bouquet with a sense of joy and celebration.

A Personalised Bouquet for Every Birthday

What sets this bouquet of birthday flowers apart is not just its stunning beauty but also the personal touch that brings to each birthday. Understanding that each birthday is unique, so too is the September 2023 Kate Hill Bespoke Birthday Bouquet.

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a centrepiece for a birthday party, this bouquet is sure to impress. Its timeless elegance and refined charm make it suitable for any setting - from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.

Order Now for an Unforgettable Birthday Bouquet

The September 2023 Kate Hill Bespoke Birthday Bouquet is now available for order.

Availability is limited, so we recommend placing your order in advance to ensure this exquisite arrangement of premium flowers is part of your September celebrations.

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