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A Florist's Guide to Nurturing Your Locally Grown Tulips at Home

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As a seasoned florist, I've had the pleasure of working with some of nature's most magnificent creations. Up there with the most remarkable are tulips sourced from the verdant fields of Monbulk, Victoria.

Monbulk is a charming little town in the Yarra Ranges, renowned for its prime tulip growers who, blessed by rich soil and a favourable climate, cultivate blooms that are absolutely breathtaking.

The magic of tulips lies in their innate growth pattern. With the right care, they can stretch an extra inch in length and tend to seek out the light, much like sunflowers. This charming behaviour, known as phototropism, further enhances their endearing character.

So, how can we make sure these beauties thrive in our homes?

White Tulips

First things first, give the stem ends a good cut before arranging your selected tulips in a vase. This allows the stems to absorb water more efficiently, thus prolonging their vibrant life.

The temperature of the water and the location of the vase play a crucial role in the behaviour of your tulips. If you wish to enjoy the elegance of your tulips for weeks, use icy cold water and place the vase in a cooler spot in your home. This slows down their metabolic processes, helping them last longer. However, if you want to see your tulips bloom and reveal their stunning colours quickly, opt for a warm, sunny location and use warm water in the vase.

Over the years I have seen many a customer frown at drooping tulips. While it's a natural occurrence, there are a few florist tricks to keep your tulips standing tall for a longer period. One trick is to prick the top of the stem, where it connects with the bloom, using a clean pin (ideally sterilised over a flame). This small intervention helps your tulips stand up straighter and longer.

Drooping Pink Tulips

But what if your tulips have started drooping already? Not to worry! Recut the stems and reintroduce them to cold water. You'll be surprised at how quickly they perk up, ready to add their charm to your room once again.

In essence, caring for tulips is an art, an expression of love and respect for nature's beautiful creations. Whether you wish to slow their bloom or encourage a quick reveal of their brilliant colours, remember that each tulip, just like us, reacts to its surroundings. A touch of care can make these premium Monbulk tulips shine in all their glory, and of course brighten your home with their everlasting charm.

Kate x

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Thank you Kate,
I love and adore all flowers 🌹💐, ❤️
I haven’t ordered or brought anything for a long while unfortunately 😕.
Absolutely love to order soon .x

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