Florist Talk | Snips - Most just don’t make the cut

Florist Talk | Snips - Most just don’t make the cut

If there is one tool that we all punish like no other, it’s our snips. And just like a good chef wouldn’t use blunt, low quality knives, a florist simply shouldn’t be working their magic using use low quality snips.

Once you understand that it’s not uncommon for a veteran florist to develop a Repetitive Strain Injury, you see that low quality tools may save you money now, but can in fact cost you dearly down the road.

At the top end you can pay around $50 for an excellent pair (nothing compared to a Chef’s knife!), such as the version pictured, but if you talk to your boss, ask them if they know of the similar florist snips going around for half that price. If your boss is too tight to buy you better quality snips, invest in them yourself!

Regardless of whether you pay $25 or $50, you’re talking cheap insurance.

So why are they so much better? Firstly, they’re sharp and stay sharp longer. Secondly, they're solid. And thirdly, they’re more ergonomic in the hand. These all add up into a much better cutting experience. And as we all know, happy florists do better work!

One thing to remember is to only cut flower stems and branches with these snips. These snips will not cut ribbon, tie and plastic.

Happy snipping!

Kate x

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