Florist Talk | Should I just move on?

Florist Talk | Should I just move on?

Dear Kate, I’ve just completed my study (finally!) and am just starting out as a florist and I am not really enjoying my work place. There is a lot of complaining amongst staff.

I think of myself as a positive person and don’t really want to get involved with all ‘the drama’ but it’s hard not to sometimes as I don’t want to be the odd one out. It’s really getting me down. Should I look for work somewhere else? Sarah, VIC.


Hi Sarah,

Congratulations on completing your study!

That’s great! Starting in a florist can be overwhelming within itself as it is very different to the classroom. There are different pressures and real life deadlines to meet. This can create a stressful environment at times. But you should never feel uncomfortable and it is always good to be open and honest with your employer with any concerns you have, rather than talk to other employees about it initially. If only for the simple reason that your employer can work with you and advise on how to best problem-solve difficult situations that arise and may also have a better understanding of the personality traits of the people you work with.

Generally speaking, your employer will have years of experience and have likely gone through what you have. So before speaking to other employees and getting caught up in ‘the drama’ I would always recommend just having a chat with your employer about any concerns you have. Nine times out of ten it will be something that they will be able work with you to fix! If it isn't, then don’t hesitate to move on. Life’s short!

Kate x  


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