Our top tips for Valentine's Day success

Our top tips for Valentine's Day success

After having just survived our biggest Valentine’s Day so far it's great to reflect as always we see many customers who could use a couple of tips when trying to work out what to buy for their loved ones.

For most men (we’ll stick with men as they are the majority!) Valentine's Day is the day they spoil their special someone with flowers and gifts by way of showing their love and appreciation. We understand the importance of ensuring the day runs smoothly so we have written some tips to ensure your loved one falls deeper in love with you every year! -

  1. Always pre-order your flowers. I would recommend ordering at least one week prior to Valentine’s Day to ensure your request can be fulfilled and your florist can source a particular flower for you if necessary. Try not to place your order on Valentine’s Day as the more popular florists usually sell out by lunchtime.

  2. Without being obvious, get a grasp of what your loved one’s favourite flower and favourite colour is. Don't assume roses are your loved one’s favourite! While they are a safe bet, you really can’t beat showing you’ve put a little thought into the design.

  3. If possible, hand write the gift card and put thought into your message. Come from the heart. Don’t worry, your florist will have heard it all. If you’re stuck for words, a romantic quote or personal message will be sure to melt your Valentine's heart.

  4. Consider hand delivering the bouquet or gift yourself on the day. I know I would love to see my husband arrive with a massive bouquet (and Champagne) for me!

  5. If your loved one doesn't particularly like flowers, ask your florist for other gifts such as Champagne, chocolates, body products which can often be gift wrapped beautifully.

x Kate

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