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The magical tale of free flower delivery in Melbourne

Once upon a time a mysterious little gnome who lived in the forest thought of a magical idea to offer free flower delivery in Melbourne to all those good people who send flowers. He wandered out of the forest one winter morning, only to stumble into a hidden garden where he encountered thousands of mystical volunteer flower delivery fairies that would make his idea a reality. And sure enough, with little coaxing, the mystical volunteer flower delivery fairies got right to work, sending flowers out for delivery all around Melbourne, and all were happy to have their flowers delivered for free forever more. The end.

Come. On.

While an order was being placed last week, it was suggested most fairly to us by the customer that a previous florist they had used kindly provided free delivery and they wondered if we could do the same. I really wish we could offer free flower delivery, just like I wish we could provide flowers for free, but I am not interested in being anything other than transparent in the sales process with our valued customers.

Take a quick look around on the internet and you’ll find there is much research to support that the delivery costs are a major influencer in online purchasing behaviour. I understand that no one likes to have to spend more than they feel is their right, but there are unavoidable costs in the delivery process including fuel and also a delivery driver. He, or she, or it, generally likes to eat, drink, feed his family, wear clothes and live in some kind of weather proof structure. His van also uses tyres and needs the occasional service so it will continue to work.

Here we hit a bit of a problem. Assuming everything is kept relatively legal, all these things are exchanged for money.

So how does this free delivery magic work? How do they work this miracle of free flower delivery in Melbourne, or delivery of flowers anywhere in Australia or the world for that matter? After all, it’s out there and happening right now! We’ll, if you’re still reading this, and genuinely wondering, take a seat, because this is a shocker – they don’t.

So how do florists get away with making this claim of free flower delivery in Melbourne and why do people actually believe that they are going to be lucky enough to have a volunteer courier deliver flowers for them?

On the florist’s side, it’s simply a case of factoring the cost of the delivery into the retail price of the flowers, and/or using low grade product. I know - aren’t they clever little marketing gurus, tricking us like that!

While we are all looking under the hood of this rusty old beast, let’s talk some numbers. If you can find a decent, point to point courier to deliver your flowers in Melbourne anywhere for under $10 you’re doing pretty well. And if they are getting them to the recipient consistently for that money without wrecking them, call us right away on 03 9510 8800. Seriously! Apologies, I digress… If you spend say $50 to $60 on an order, it works out that you’re actually getting conned out of approximately 15-20% of it’s volume in flowers. And you’d think that would be illegal, right?

And that leaves the customers of these florists offering free flower delivery. Why exactly do they believe in magic volunteer courier fairies? I’m no one to delve into human psychology, but don’t want to leave you empty handed… ignorance is bliss?

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Photo credit: Thom Bradley

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