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Why you should just call your florist if you're not sure about your flower delivery

Everyone has, at one point or another, felt the need to express their emotions or sentiments through a medium other than words. One such beautiful and universally appreciated medium is the art of gifting flowers.

While flowers are an undeniably charming way of articulating feelings, the number one concern of someone sending flowers is typically ensuring that the recipient receives a beautiful arrangement that accurately conveys the desired sentiment.

The world of flowers is a vast one, with each bloom having its unique symbolism and meaning. A bouquet can tell a story, convey an emotion, or express a thought. When you decide to send flowers, you undertake the responsibility of conveying the right message. Hence, the role of your florist becomes integral.

When you call your florist to place an order, you're not just purchasing flowers. You're initiating a dialogue, a personal conversation that ensures you don't inadvertently offend the recipient or send the wrong message with your chosen arrangement. This conversation is a crucial step in creating an arrangement that aligns perfectly with your intentions.

Floral arrangement of TulipsTulips are versatile flowers that can be sent on a variety of occasions

Consider the florist as a translator of your emotions. The florist is well-versed in the language of flowers, often known as floriography. From the passion symbolised by red roses to the pure friendship denoted by yellow ones, the florist holds the key to this rich floral vocabulary. They can help you navigate the subtleties of this language, ensuring your bouquet speaks volumes about your intentions, all while avoiding potential misunderstandings.

For instance, let's say you want to send flowers to congratulate a friend on a new job. You might instinctively lean toward roses, given their widespread popularity. However, a florist could guide you to choose orange roses, signifying enthusiasm and passion.

Bright pink floral arrangement

A skilled florist will also take into account the personality of the recipient. Or if there is a need to cheer them up with bright colours.

Imagine another scenario where you want to send a sympathy bouquet to a grieving friend. You might not know that lilies, particularly white ones, are often associated with funerals and symbolise the restored innocence of the soul of the deceased. A good florist will guide you on the right choice, ensuring your arrangement carries the appropriate tone and sentiment. The role of the florist is not limited to merely decoding the language of flowers. In some cultures, certain flowers or colours may have specific connotations that could lead to misunderstandings. Your florist is equipped to navigate these potential obstacles, tailoring your bouquet to the recipient’s tastes and cultural background.

Moreover, the florist takes into consideration the whole aesthetic of the arrangement. The choice of flowers, their colours, the style of arrangement, the kind of vase used — all these elements play a role in the message conveyed. A florist ensures that the arrangement's overall aesthetic aligns with your sentiment, whether it's a vibrant celebration or a subdued condolence.

Your florist also provides advice on safe delivery. They can suggest the ideal time for the flowers to arrive, making sure they're fresh and at their most beautiful. This aspect is particularly crucial for events like birthdays or anniversaries, where timing can add to the surprise and joy of the moment.

Calling your florist is the starting point of a creative process that involves not just the selection of the right flowers, but also understanding their language and the aesthetic presentation. It's a delicate art, a dance between the sender's intentions and the recipient's interpretation. With a florist's expertise, you can choreograph this dance beautifully, avoiding any missteps along the way. In essence, your florist becomes a facilitator of your emotions, guiding you to articulate your feelings with the right floral arrangement. It's like composing a symphony where each flower plays a note, and the florist is the conductor, ensuring that all the notes come together to create a harmonious melody.

Whether you want to express love, congratulate someone, or offer condolences, your conversation with the florist will ensure your sentiments are expressed accurately and beautifully. Florists are not just vendors, but skilled artisans who help you craft messages from the heart, delivered in the form of breathtaking floral arrangements.

Orchid in bag for flower delivery

Sometimes it's a good idea to think outside of the box, like sending a flowering plant such as these beautifully presented Phalaenopsis Orchids.

In this digital age, where we often resort to impersonal methods of communication, gifting flowers is a practice that brings back the warmth of personal touch. It's an act that says, "I took the time to think about you, to choose something that symbolises my feelings for you." And the florist is your partner in this act, helping you make the right choices, ensuring that the recipient feels loved, appreciated, and understood.

So, the next time you wish to send a floral arrangement and you're not 100% confident in what you are sending, feel most welcome to call your florist and have a chat. Share the occasion, the recipient's preferences, and any other details that can help them craft the perfect bouquet. Lean on their expertise to guide you through the vast world of flowers, their meanings, and their aesthetics. This will not only result in a beautiful bouquet but also in an emotional message that hits the right chord.

In conclusion, the number one concern of someone sending flowers should indeed be ensuring that the recipient receives a beautiful arrangement that accurately conveys the desired sentiment. However, the process to achieve this goes far beyond just choosing a flower or colour. It involves an understanding of the language of flowers, an appreciation for aesthetics, and a partnership with a skilled florist. And the reward for this effort? A floral arrangement that is more than just a bouquet - it's a heartfelt message, a symbolic gesture, a personal touch in a world that so desperately needs it. So go ahead, make that call, and say it with flowers!

Kate x

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