The Importance of Using a Local Florist Who Sources Flowers Locally

The Importance of Using a Local Florist Who Sources Flowers Locally

The Importance of Using a Local Florist Who Sources Flowers Locally

You may know that it’s important to support local businesses and buy flowers from a local florist; however, it’s just as critical to check where your florist is sourcing their flowers from. Locally grown flowers have numerous benefits including being cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting. Here’s why where your flowers are from is just as important as where your florist is located. 

Locally grown flowers last longer 

Are you used to fresh flowers lasting only a few days before they begin to wilt? This is because imported flowers have spent days or even weeks in transit. Although the florist or floral company has done their best to preserve them, they’re already towards the end of their lifespan when you receive them. 

Locally grown flowers normally last at least a week if not longer because they are harvested within the last day. This means you’ll be able to enjoy them for much longer after purchase. 

Locally grown flowers support the local economy

A florist who purchases imported flowers is contributing to jobs and industries overseas. Conversely, when you purchase locally grown flowers, you are benefiting the local economy in your area. To support the demand for flowers, a local floral industry with local workers must be sustained. By buying local, you work with your neighbour, an individual who lives, plays, and works in the same community you do. Help them thrive!

Locally grown flowers are cheaper 

Imported flowers often cost more because of high freight costs. Before they land in a local florist’s hands, these flowers will move between two or more suppliers.

Local farms will grow what is in season, which ends up being easier on your wallet. So, not only are locally grown flowers better, but they’re also cheaper! Who doesn’t love making the right choice for the economy, your household, and your wallet? 

And of course they don't last as long. Sometimes they have half the life, so it's worth factoring this into what you are really paying.

Locally grown flowers are ethically grown

In Australia, you can count on ethically grown local flowers. This is not always the case in developing countries such as South Africa or Colombia. In some of these operations, there is high water usage, pollution from chemical pesticides, high carbon emissions from refrigeration and transportation, and dangerous working conditions. Australia works hard to regulate the floral industry to ensure it is ethical and sustainable. 

Locally grown flowers are safer

Flowers are a major source of pesticide exposure. Overseas countries often spray their flowers with harsh pesticides and other chemicals. While imported flowers are often checked for insects, they aren’t checked for pesticide residue. This means your flowers could be unknowingly harmful to you, your children, or your pets. To avoid potential exposure, buy flowers from a florist that sources from a local organic farm. Most organic farms will use a natural approach that encourages healthy soil and biodiversity. This method helps to fend off pests and diseases. 

Final Thoughts 

There's just no ethically sound reason to buy imported flowers. So if you are you looking for a local florist who proudly sources locally-grown flowers in Melbourne please visit Kate Hill Flowers for only the best in locally sourced flowers.


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