Terrariums - The Ultimate Indoor Garden

Terrariums - The Ultimate Indoor Garden

Terrariums are a super popular gift at the moment, and I think they will continue to be, which comes as no surprise as they are the ultimate, low-maintenance indoor garden.

We have a huge range of different styles available, ranging from oversized cookie jars to glass capsules and hand blown glass pears/apples. Terrariums can be made out of any clear glass container, from the humble glass pickle jar to a specially made terrarium case.

Once established, a terrarium will need only minimal maintenance. This simply involves checking that the light and moisture levels are adequate, and perhaps pruning any overgrown plants.

Place your terrarium in a brightly-lit spot. Several feet from a window is ideal, but don’t put it in direct sunlight. Periodic turning of the terrarium will prevent plants from becoming lopsided.

A closed terrarium may not need watering for several months, as plants recycle moisture. If the potting mix looks dry or plants start to wilt, water with a mist spray. If water condenses heavily on the glass inside the container, you have added too much water. In this case, remove the lid for several days to allow excessive moisture to evaporate.

So whether you are looking for a special low maintenance gift or to create an indoor garden at home pop into the store to check out the range.

We also offer our customers the option of bringing in your own container and we can custom design one for you.

x Kate

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