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Did you know you have a birth flower?


You've likely heard of your birthstone, your astrology sign, and the animal that represents the year you were born in the Chinese calendar. But have you heard about your birth flower?

Did you know that everyone has a birth flower and that each has a secret meaning? If not, keep reading! This blog will tell you everything you need to know about your birth flower (or flowers!).

Birth flowers by month:

January - Carnation and Snowdrop

White Snowdrop Flower

The first month of the year is the carnation and the second is the snowdrop. The carnation's meaning depends on the colour. Pink means affection, red means love, white means pure love, striped carnations mean regretful love that isn't shared/returned, and yellow indicates rejection or disappointment. If you want to celebrate any January babies, stick with pink, red or white. The snowdrop is a unique white flower that stands for hope and beauty.

February - Violet and Primrose

Red Primrose Flowers

The two flowers for February may surprise you. One of them isn't a rose as you might have expected with Valentine's Day falling in February! Rather, violet and primrose are the birth flowers for this month. These two purple flowers represent loyalty and faithfulness. If you're not thrilled with either as a birth flower, a third birth flower that is often mentioned for this month is the iris.

March - Daffodil and Jonquil

Jonquil Flowers

These two flowers are members of the same family and generally look very similar. The yellow blooms are so spring-like that if you live anywhere snowy, you'll be praying for them to arrive each spring to signal the end of cold weather. Their meaning is "unequal love." Fitting for spring, they're associated with rebirth.

April - Daisy and Sweet Pea

White Daisy Flower

More spring flowers coming your way! Daisies and sweet peas are the official flowers of the month of April, and they couldn't' seem more perfect. Daisies mean innocence, loyal love, and purity. Sweet pea means blissful pleasure.

May - Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley Flower

Everything should be in bloom by the time May rolls around. If you're a May baby, your special flowers are Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn. These are incredibly unique flowers that really add something special to any arrangement. Lily of the Valley means sweetness, humility, and "return to happiness." Hawthorn means hope and supreme happiness. Pretty great flowers to have for your birth month!

June - Rose and Honeysuckle

Pink Honeysuckle Flower

You wondered where it was in February and now it has finally appeared. The month of June has the world's favourite flower of the rose as its birth flower. Just like carnations, the different colours of the rose represent different things. Pink roses mean perfect happiness. Red roses mean love. White is a sign of purity. Yellow roses are a sign of jealousy. Honeysuckle is a representation of the everlasting bonds of love.

July - Larkspur and Water Lily

Purple Larkspur Flowers

Dainty larkspur are such beautiful flowers to have as your birth flower if you are born in the month of July! They are used to show your "strong bonds of love," which can be quite powerful depending on your chosen recipient. Water lilies mean purity and majesty.

August - Gladiolus and Poppy

Red Poppy Flower

This is another month that is a little mixed up. While you may have thought that the poppy would have been the May birth flower since we honour veterans with poppies in May, it is, in fact, the August birth flower. It also has different meanings for each colour. Red poppies are meant for pleasure, white for consolation, and yellow for wealth and success. Gladiolus had a variety of meanings, which means you can use it whichever way suits you best! Remembrance, calm, integrity, and infatuation are all among its interpreted meanings.

September - Aster and Morning Glory

Purple Aster Flowers

Spread the love, September babies! Your birth flowers are powerful and revolve around all things love. Aster means love and positivity for all. Morning glory means love and affection for someone close to you.

October - Marigold and Cosmos

Orange Marigold Flower

October gets some of the most vibrant flowers out there for their birth month. Marigolds are interpreted as a sign of optimism and prosperity. Cosmos indicate that the recipient should feel harmony and serenity.

November - Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum Flowers

Unlike all the other months, November only gets one flower. Is this a good or bad thing? You decide! On the one hand, perhaps you don't get to choose between the two flowers for which one you like best, but on the other hand, you get to truly embrace the chrysanthemums as your own. They come in a variety of colours, which means that you get a ton of different meanings. Red means (you guessed it) love. White is for pure love. Yellow means slighted love – poor yellow can never catch a break!

December - Narcissus and Holly

Holly Flower

Finally, a flower that fits with its month! Holly had to go in December because of the holidays that it represents. It means domestic happiness when gifted to one another. Poinsettias are also largely associated with this month. Narcissus is a beautiful white and yellow flower that tells your beloved that you love them just the way you are. What a perfect way to spend the holidays!

What is my birth flower?

Month Flower(s) Meaning
January Carnation & Snowdrop Carnation - affection, love.
Snowdrop - hope, beauty.
February Violet & Primrose Loyalty, faithfulness
March Daffodil & Jonquil Unequal love
April Daisy & Sweetpea Innocence, loyal love, and purity. Sweet pea means blissful pleasure.
May  Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn Lily of the Valley - sweetness, humility, "return to happiness".
Hawthorn - hope, supreme.
June Rose & Honeysuckle Rose - perfect happiness, love, purity, jealousy.
Honeysuckle - everlasting bonds of love.
July Larkspur & Water Lily Larkspur - "strong bongs of love".
Water Lily - purity, majesty.
August Gladiolus & Poppy Gladiolus - remembrance, calm, integrity, infatuation.
Poppies - pleasure, consolation, wealth & success.
September Aster & Morning Glory Aster - love, positivity.
Morning glory - love, affection.
October Marigold & Cosmos Marigold - optimism, prosperity.
Cosmos - harmony, serenity.
November Chrysanthemum Love
December Narcissus & Holly Narcissus - perfect love.
Holly - domestic happiness.

Final thoughts

What do you think? Did you learn something new? Did you like your birth flower, or would you rather trade for another month? It's interesting that most people don't know that birth flowers exist, and many florists for that matter! I should say, many of these varieties won't be commercially available, but that shouldn't stop you having a bit of trivia fun with your local florist!

Kate x


Marian Perry
Marian Perry

I have always considered, the Beautiful Bright Red Pointesetta as my beautiful birthday flower for December, the Naricuss & the Holly are beautiful, only the Pointesetta is what I love most, and just trying to keep it alive!


Thank you Denise Sharpe, so happy to know you find our birthday flower blog helpful. It can help immensely when ordering flowers for a loved one. Thank you, Kate x

Denise Sharpe
Denise Sharpe

Nice to hear about our birthday colors.great that we learn every day off our list.

Bronwyn Crowe
Bronwyn Crowe

Hi Just wondering what the flower is for May? I think it was missed

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