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D.I.Y. Tulip arrangement for your home

Tulips are definitely one of my favourite flowers. Watching them grow and change form over time is always an absolute pleasure and they are a must have in my home when in season.

I love to enjoy them displayed simply, on mass, in a glass vase so I thought I’d share a really simple yet effective way to display your tulips in your home just like I do...

1. Firstly prepare the vase by washing it thoroughly with bleach and filling it to approximately 1/3 full with clean, cold water.

2. Clean the the tulip stems, shaking off any sand or dirt,  and remove any flawed leaves. You can also remove the leaves entirely for a more modern look.

3. Lay the tulips down on your bench or table so all the heads are at the same length and then cut the stems with a clean knife or snips. In the shop, we use the side of our work bench as a cutting guide, but your kitchen bench will work well to. Remember that it’s better to cut the stems leaving them too long, as you can’t uncut them.

4. Hold the stems up next to the vase to size them up. Trim again if need be.

5. Spiral the tulips in your hand one by one so they will be beautifully plaited in the vase and then cut the base of the stems flat.

6. Place the tulips in the vase and arrange as need be. They may fall a little depending on the size of your vase and how many flowers you have used but with experience you’ll match the quantity of flowers with the size of the vase that makes the flowers look best.

7. Then it’s time to enjoy your handywork!

If you're a Tulip lover, you should definitely visit Victoria's Tesselaar Tulip Festival which is coming up on September 11th, finishing 7th October, at the working Tesselaar Tulip farm located at 357 Monbulk Rd, Silvan. Not only do you get to wander through 55 acres of tulips but there is an abundance of Dutch food and activities.

I recommend heading there mid to late September while the Tulips are flushing.

On the day it’s also a great idea to buy a load of their fantastic Tulip bulbs (and of course fresh Tulip stems) to plant in your garden as they are one of the top growers in Australia.

For more info: www.tulipfestival.com.au

x Kate

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