How and Why

Rather than ask you for a deposit on the first day you meet with me, I'll always respectfully take the time to go away and work on a concept that is completely unique, reflects you both as a couple and of course offers incomparable value.

In this process I will speak with suppliers to ensure my vision can be created and there will be no surprises with pricing or availability. This is at the core of why we are polar opposites to the florists that will try and pressure you on the first day you meet with them.

There is a common misconception that there are big profits in weddings. This may be the case with florists who do not specify exactly what flowers will be used, but considering the time I put into researching, sourcing and designing every event, I ultimately do weddings for the love of them.

We never make claim to being the cheapest wedding florists, but all of our brides will agree that we offer the best value for money by far when all things are considered. If you are happy with middle tier quality, and 'relaxed' work, you are spoiled for choice with other florists. My concepts cannot be brought to life by a middle tier florist. Though many try, I know each time it happens and how far they fall short.

Brides choose my team and I because we are passionate about playing a vital role in making their dream wedding day come true. They know they can trust me to deliver on my detailed quote. They understand flowers can make all the difference in showing their guests they love them and are grateful they are able to share such a precious occasion with them. They know I respect them and I will deliver on everything I promise.

If you really 'get' flowers and what we are about, I'd be honoured to have the opportunity to meet and make your dream wedding flowers a reality.

Kate x