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Wedding Flowers Highlight | Madeleine & Alexander

On a picture perfect summer day in Melbourne, Madeleine and Alexander celebrated their dream wedding day in the style of timeless elegance.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Stokehouse in St Kilda, Madeleine and Alexander's wedding showcased an perfect blend of classic romance and modern sophistication. With meticulous planning by the team at Kate Hill Flowers, and the expert touch of various suppliers including Wild Photography, High Up Films, and Front Row Entertainment, the couple's special day was destined to be a success.

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The morning of the wedding each bridal party celebrated with loved ones at their homes in Williamstown. There was so much love, joy and inclusiveness shared with all their family.
The day started early with make-up and hair commencing at 6.30 am, by 8 am Kate Hill, serving as wedding planner and florist, arrived to personally deliver the Bridal Flowers to each party and personally manage the day. Pre-wedding celebrations commenced mid-morning once the Bridal Parties were dressed and ready for the dream day. By mid-morning the photographer and videographer teams arrived and it was all systems go with excitement and joy.

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Both parties left their homes in Williamstown on time to ensure the wedding ceremony went to a perfect plan. Kate Hill arrived an hour early to meet the priest and any guests who had arrived early. The wedding ceremony took place at St Mary's in St Kilda East, a place of profound significance for the couple.

As Madeleine glided down the aisle to 'Can't help falling in Love', she was accompanied by her emotional and happy father. Alexander, donning a black tuxedo, stood at the altar, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. Surrounded by their teary family and loved ones, the couple exchanged vows, sealing their commitment to a lifetime of happiness. 

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Once the emotional ceremony finished, the guests spilled outside to congratulate the couple and commence the celebrations. It felt like the paparazzi were out with lots of beautiful photos being captured. Once all the family photos were captured it was onto the reception venue.

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Madeleine and Alexander celebrated their wedding reception at the Stokehouse, which is perched on the foreshore of St Kilda. It served as the ideal location for Madeleine and Alexander's wedding and the weather was absolutely perfect.

The Stokehouse enjoys breathtaking views of the ocean and its reputation for culinary excellence made it the perfect choice for their celebration. The venue's contemporary architecture, combined with its timeless charm, provided an exquisite ambience that reflected the couple's sophisticated style. With blue skies gracing the occasion, the stage was set for an extraordinary day of love and joy.

Table setting decorated with wedding flowers

With Kate Hill as the wedding planner, stylist, and florist, the floral arrangements were a standout element of the day. Madeleine's bouquet was created with tight ivory-white peony roses that added a touch of romance and sophistication, while perfectly complementing her gown. The bridesmaids, dressed in elegant black evening gowns, carried smaller versions of the bride's bouquet, creating a harmonious aesthetic. Throughout the venue, exquisite floral displays enhanced the atmosphere. Tables were full of chic white hydrangeas, masses of white roses and an abundance of candlelight.

Table setting floral arrangement at Melbourne wedding

To preserve the cherished moments, Wild Photography and High Up Films were entrusted to document the wedding day and both absolutely exceeded. Their expertise in capturing candid emotions and creating timeless visual narratives ensured that Madeleine and Alexander's love story would be forever cherished by friends and family.

Bride and groom holding wedding flowers

Madeleine and Alexander's Melbourne wedding was a perfect blend of classic beauty and contemporary sophistication. From the elegant ceremony at St Mary's to the stunning reception at Stokehouse, every detail was meticulously planned to create an unforgettable experience. The expertise of Kate Hill Flowers, Wild Photography, High Up Films, and Front Row Entertainment, along with the support of other suppliers, ensured that the couple's vision came to life flawlessly. All in all it was a perfect wedding day that all involved will cherish forever.

 Kate x

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