Two little secrets that stylists hope you don’t find out

Two little secrets that stylists hope you don’t find out

While it would be fair to accuse me of generalising for the sake of an engaging narrative, it's crucial to remember that like any industry, the wedding styling sector has its stars, its strugglers, and those who fit somewhere in between.

Today, I want to cast a spotlight on the latter two categories, particularly when it comes to the critical role of floral arrangements in your wedding.

Flowers undeniably transform the ambiance and aesthetic of a wedding. However, what's not often discussed is how the choice of who arranges these flowers can subtly undermine the beauty of your day. it's not uncommon for couples entrust wedding stylists with the task of handling floral designs, not realising this may lead to compromises they hadn't anticipated.

Why Stylists Might Not Deliver the Best Floral Results

  1. Limited Buying Power: Unlike specialised florists, stylists don't typically purchase large volumes of flowers. This lack of significant buying power means they aren't a priority for flower growers or wholesalers, who prefer to cater to regular and substantial buyers. This scenario places stylists at a disadvantage in the highly competitive floral market, where access to the best blooms is everything.

  2. Outsourcing to Cut Costs: To circumvent their limitations, stylists often subcontract the floral work to professional florists. However, this arrangement comes with a catch: the florist must pay a commission to the stylist, sometimes as much as 20%. Consequently, the florist might be compelled to cut corners to maintain profitability. This could mean using lower-quality flowers, recycling blooms from previous events, or choosing varieties that don't hold up well throughout the celebration. Each of these compromises impacts the quality and freshness of your wedding florals.

Collaborating Directly with a Wedding Florist

Choosing to work directly with a dedicated Melbourne wedding florist for your wedding does more than just enhance the vibrancy and longevity of your floral arrangements—it ensures that every detail is crafted with care and expertise, free from the compromises inherent in stylist-florist subcontracting arrangements. A skilled florist not only understands how to interpret a stylist’s brief but can elevate it, ensuring that the floral designs are not just seen but felt deeply by all in attendance.

Moreover, by engaging directly with a wedding florist, you benefit from their established relationships with suppliers, ensuring that your floral arrangements feature the freshest and finest blooms available. This direct line also allows for greater customisation and personalisation, turning your floral dreams into a stunning reality that complements every other element of your wedding day.

In conclusion, while stylists can offer invaluable guidance on the overall look of your wedding, when it comes to flowers, the expertise of a specialised wedding florist is unmatched. By choosing a professional committed to floral artistry, you ensure that the flowers at your wedding aren't just decorations, but poignant symbols of the beauty and uniqueness of your special day.

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