Steffanie's Bridal Shower Event

Steffanie's Bridal Shower Event

We had the absolute pleasure of designing Steffanie’s Bridal Shower Flowers for her family home in April this year. It was such a beautiful event and one that is a joy to share with you.

For those who are unsure about what a Bridal Shower (also known as a Kitchen Tea Event) is, I would like to explain what the event is and why it is celebrated.

A Bridal Shower is a private event hosted to celebrate the Bride-to-be with her closest family members and friends. On average, the event will host between 20-50 female guests. It is a ladies only event held at a family home or intimate venue and is usually celebrated a month prior to the wedding day. The event includes showering the Bride-to-be with gifts, fun ladies games, catering and lots of fun.

Steffanie celebrated her Bridal Shower in pure style at her parent’s home in Melbourne. We set about styling early in the morning to be on time for the luncheon event to commence, which included a custom Flower Wall, Table Flowers and an epic Grazing Food Station. 

I worked closely with Steffanie for months leading up to her event to ensure her Bridal Shower Flowers were executed beautifully, but at the same time completely different to her Wedding Day Flowers. Steffanie came to us with a beautiful vision of her Bridal Shower Flowers, reflected in an Elegant Pink Flower theme displaying dense and oversized flowers. We sourced all of Steffanie’s favourite pink flowers, ranging from pastel blush Secret Garden Roses, Autumn green Hydrangeas, Blush Disbuds, Blush Phalaenopsis Orchids and pops of Hot Lips Roses.

The private home featured a beautiful custom Flower Wall with a gold structure supplied by Willowtree Events. The Flower Wall was adorned with Secret Garden Roses, Hydrangeas, Blush Disbuds, Blush Phalaenopsis Orchids and pops of Hot Lips Roses. The flowers were positioned on the gold structure to frame the Bridal Shower Cake and to act as a fun Photo Wall for guests to enjoy. The guest tables were styled with a white glass urn displaying a large and dense dome of Secret Garden Roses, Hydrangeas, Blush Disbuds, Blush Phalaenopsis Orchids and pops of Hot Lips Roses. The table flowers were gifted to the guests after the event to show appreciation to Steffanie’s loved ones.

It was so much fun spending the morning creating the designs at Steffanie’s family home while her family watched on and chatting away. It was a great opportunity to know the Stefanie’s family, which I will forever cherish. To work closely on such a special and intimate event prior to the ‘big day’ made the wedding day even more special. We will forever cherish Steffanie and Kris’ wedding events. 

The Bridal Shower is such a fun event and I highly recommend hosting the traditional event to make your pre-wedding celebrations even more memorable. 

Kate x

Bridal shower flowers on tableClose up of bridal shower flowers on dining tablePink Bridal FlowersBridal Shower FlowersBridal to be admiring bridal flowersBridal shower flowers

Photographer - My Little Company Photography 

Cake - Nikos Cakes 

Dress - Effie Katz 

Shoes - Sophia Webster 

Wall Structure/Plinths - Willowtree Events 

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