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Flowers to look out for this Winter

We are about to go into a deep, cold and beautiful winter.

A time of year when blooms take on a whole new value when they brighten some of the darker winter days. Look out for flowers such as Ranunculus, Hellebore, Paper-whites, Double & Frilly Tulips to name a few.  

When it’s cold in Melbourne, it’s a perfect time to add floral accents to your home, especially those with some distinctly rich with Winter fragrances. Set apart from Spring flowers that are heady in pollinated fragrance, Winter blooms have a distinctive floral fragrance that is both delightful and enchanting.

Here are some of our favourite flowers that you will find in our Melbourne store:

Anemone Flowers

Anemone exhibit a soft green foliage and delicate petals. In store you will find them as a fresh cut flower not as a potted plant. The stems are quite short in length, 20 to 25 cm so they are beautiful on mass in a short vase or as a gorgeous posy. With no fragrance they are great as a gift for people with allergies. Sourced and grown locally in Victoria. Lasting 5 - 7 days they are a beautiful Winter flower to add to your home.

Hellebores Flowers

Image Source: Flower Power You may have heard of Hellebores referred to as the ‘Winter Rose’. While not related to the rose family you can see why their beauty is linked. Hellebores are a beautiful open flower that can also be seen in white and dusty pink. In store, you will often see them in green, mauve, white, dusty pink and plum. The more notable green and mauve Hellebores are a signature flower for Winter often found in store. Available in store as a potted plant, they make a really lovely gift idea. The fragrance free flower makes it a versatile gift for even the most difficult recipient. With a cut life of 5 - 9 days and grown locally in Victoria, the Hellebore is one Winter flower not to be missed.

Erlicheer Flowers

Erlicheer are a cheerful, cream delicate flower with a highly fragrant bouquet. I love the smell of Erlicheer - it reminds me of the smell of a beautiful garden. They are a wonderful way to bring the beautiful fragrant smells of a country garden into your home without the cold! Predominately cut, these gorgeous flowers, full of fragrance will last 5 - 7 days in your home.

Frilly Tulips

Double and Frilly Tulips are a Winter must. Tulips are by far a favourite and the locally grown varieties have been amazing so far. Tulips last 5 - 11 days and are an elegant bloom that can sit comfortably on their own in a vase or potted in any room.  

Hyacinth Flowers

You can often smell Hyacinths before you can see them. The beautiful bulb flower with heavy blooms and a distinctive perfume that have us in rapture over its mix of chunky bloom but delicate and powerful fragrance. Hyacinths can be found both potted and cut in store. A really fragrant gift, in colours of white, pale pink, mauve, dark blue and peach tones, they make a lasting impact to any space. Packed with a punch with a fragrance lasting 5 - 11 days these are not to be missed.

With any Winter bloom, it is important to look after your flowers to get the most out of them. To keep your flowers fresh and like they left the store, make sure you clean your vase thoroughly with bleach beforehand, even if it looks clean! This will ensure harmful bacteria for your flowers can not grow and shorten their lifespan. Change water every 2 - 3 days and ensure you don’t leave flowers near air-conditioning units for long periods of time.


Kate x

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