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Beyond Pink and White: Exploring the Stunning Variety of Peony Colours

When we think of peonies, it's pretty hard for the classic pink and white blooms not to be first to come to mind. However, the peony world is far more diverse and colourful than many people realise.

With over 3,000 varieties, these lush and fragrant flowers can be found in a remarkable range of colours, from pastel shades to deep, saturated hues. In this blog post, we'll go beyond pink and white to explore the stunning variety of peony colours, showcasing the versatility of this beloved garden flower.

Red Peonies
 Close up of single red peony rose flower

Red peonies are a striking and passionate choice for any garden. These bold blooms can range from soft coral shades to deep, velvety reds. One popular red peony is the 'Buckeye Belle', featuring semi-double blossoms in a rich, dark maroon hue. Another standout is the 'Red Charm', a deep red double peony with a captivating fragrance. Red peonies are often used to symbolise love, making them a popular choice for romantic occasions and events.

Yellow Peonies

Yellow Peony

Yellow peonies are a delightful and cheerful addition to any garden, brightening up the space with their sunny disposition. Ranging from soft buttery shades to vibrant golden hues, yellow peonies are a delightful alternative to the more traditional pink and white varieties. The 'Bartzella' is an excellent example of a yellow peony, featuring large, fragrant blooms in a striking lemon-yellow shade. Another lovely option is the 'Yellow Crown', which offers semi-double blossoms in a soft, pale yellow hue.

Coral Peonies

Coral Peony Flowers

Coral peonies bring a touch of warmth and tropical flair to any garden setting. With a unique blend of pink, orange, and yellow tones, coral peonies are a standout choice for those looking to add a pop of colour to their garden. The 'Coral Charm' is a popular variety, showcasing semi-double blossoms in a vibrant coral hue. Another striking option is the 'Coral Sunset', which features large, double blooms in a breathtaking blend of pink, orange, and yellow.

Purple Peonies

Purple Peony Flower

For a touch of regal elegance, purple peonies are a perfect choice. These enchanting blooms can range from soft lavender shades to deep, moody purples. The 'Sword Dance' is a unique purple peony variety, featuring single petals in a rich, dark purple hue, surrounding a golden centre. Another stunning option is the 'First Arrival', which offers semi-double blossoms in a delicate lavender shade. Purple peonies are often associated with nobility and mystery, adding an air of intrigue to any garden setting.

Multicoloured Peonies

Multicoloured Peony Rose Flowers

For those who can't decide on just one colour, multicoloured peonies offer the perfect solution. These captivating blooms feature a stunning blend of colours, creating a unique and eye-catching display. The 'Raspberry Sundae' is a popular multicoloured peony, showcasing a delightful blend of white, pink, and raspberry-red hues. Another striking option is the 'Gay Paree', which features a deep pink centre surrounded by a halo of soft, creamy petals.

Itoh Peonies

Itoh Peony Flower in Pink Colour

Itoh peonies, also known as intersectional peonies, are a hybrid between herbaceous and tree peonies. These unique varieties offer a captivating blend of colours and a longer blooming period compared to traditional peonies. The 'Cora Louise' is an exquisite Itoh peony, featuring large, semi-double blooms in a delicate mix of white and lavender. Another standout is the 'Hillary', which showcases vibrant pink blossoms edged in a soft yellow hue, creating a stunning contrast.

In Summary 

The world of peonies is far more colourful and diverse than one might initially imagine. Beyond the classic pink and white varieties, these breathtaking flowers can be found in a vast array of hues, from bold reds and vibrant yellows to tropical corals and enchanting purples. Multicoloured peonies and Itoh hybrids further expand the possibilities, offering a unique blend of colours and captivating visual appeal.

Incorporating different coloured peonies into your garden can create a stunning and dynamic landscape, filled with a variety of textures, scents, and visual interest. Whether you're drawn to the passionate reds, the sunny yellows, or the regal purples, there's undoubtedly a peony colour to suit your personal style and taste. So, be tempted to go beyond pink and white and explore the stunning variety of peony colours, transforming your home or garden into a captivating and colourful haven.

Kate x

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