5 Questions You Should Ask Your Venue When Planning Your Wedding Flowers

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Venue When Planning Your Wedding Flowers

In the world of wedding planning, there are aspects that often go unspoken, particularly in the Australian event industry.

We believe it's essential for brides and grooms to be fully aware of the behind-the-scenes dynamics that may influence their big day, even if discussing them is considered risky.

While many venues operate with integrity, the issue of undisclosed commissions remains prevalent. Transparency about such practices is acceptable, but unfortunately, it's not always the norm. This post zeroes in on the relationship between florists and venues to help you navigate these waters more effectively.

Here are five critical questions to empower you in ensuring that your venue dealings are conducted ethically:

  1. Do they accept commissions from suppliers?

    Some venues take commissions upwards of 20% from their preferred suppliers without disclosing these fees to their clients. This often leads to you receiving fewer or lower quality flowers. Being an insider might be the only way to detect such practices, but asking directly can often illuminate the truth.

  2. Is the recommended supplier related to venue personnel?

    It’s not uncommon for a venue to recommend suppliers who are relatives of the owner or staff. While there’s no issue if this is openly acknowledged, undisclosed relationships can lead to biased recommendations, affecting the quality and suitability of services provided.

  3. What does the floral package truly include?

    If considering a venue’s floral package, request detailed descriptions and photographs to understand what you are purchasing. Comparing these details with offers from independent florists can reveal significant differences in quality and quantity, helping you decide whether to accept the package or seek alternatives.

  4. Why is there only one floral supplier?

    Some venues prefer a single floral supplier to maintain a consistent style. However, it's advisable to probe further into this choice. Floral designers vary in their artistic strengths and professional standards. Meeting with several florists can provide a broader perspective and help tailor your floral selections to your personal taste and wedding theme.

  5. Are the venue’s florists qualified?

    When a venue uses a generalist stylist rather than specialised florists, it's crucial to verify the qualifications and experience of the individuals who will handle your floral needs. Ensure that the promised florist will be available on your wedding day and delve into the specifics of their offerings. Often, pricing and service details are obscured within bundled packages, so it's important to ask for a breakdown to understand if hidden commissions are influencing the cost.

By asking these questions, you'll not only clarify what to expect from your venue but also ensure that your floral arrangements, and your wedding day as a whole, are as beautiful and authentic as envisioned.

Kate x

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