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One of our favourite long lasting flowers

We often get asked for longer lasting flowers for the home, whether it be a cut bloom or a potted plant. And while there are many flower varieties to choose from, the Cymbidium Orchid is always a favourite.

You may have seen them used for anything from corsages for weddings or to add life to an interior space. The favoured orchid, rightfully winning attention for the combination of a gorgeous little face, randomly unique with a lush looking flower, teamed with their long lasting bloom are set to delight any recipient and lift any room.

Colours range from white, pale pinks, rusty browns and burgundy, essentially any colour except blue. All Cymbidium Orchards found in our Prahran store, are locally grown in Victoria, Australia offering our clients a quality bloom that is unsurpassed. One of the appealing traits of the Cymbidium Orchid is its long lasting bloom. If purchased as a fresh cut stem you can expect it to last anywhere between ten days and three weeks as a cut flower. As a plant, you can find your flower lasting eight to ten weeks.

The no fragrance flowers are popular amongst those who would rather keep their home fragrance free due to allergies or opting for their home to be influenced by other external fragrances such as candles.

The spikes bloom one time and once they have bloomed - that’s it! You can’t encourage them to bloom again like other orchids. However if you look after your orchid another spike can grow for the following year.

To look after your orchid, water in the morning using a tepid temperature. This gives the orchid plenty of time to dry before the night temps set in. You want your orchid to be damp but not soggy. During active growth, fertilise regularly with a water soluble solution such as this one https://www.bunnings.com.au/manutec-600g-orchid-food_p2961293 Cymbidium orchids love a medium to bright spot in your home. If they get too much light, you will end up with yellow leaves and look little light will result in dark green leaves. A little care goes a long way with orchids. You may feel they need a bit of attention initially but once you find a place your cymbidium orchid likes to live in your home, it will flourish and return you with the most beautiful blooms. It will be worth the effort and soon clear to all those around why these orchards are one of our favourites and one of the the most popular amongst our clientele.

Cymbidium Orchid Flowers

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