Florist Talk | Tips to improve your handwriting

Florist Talk | Tips to improve your handwriting

Today I'd like to cover why Handwritten Cards are Better than Print & Tips to Improve Your Handwriting!

In this day and age, everyone is beginning to rely on technology. No one uses their brain to figure out how to get home if they can use Google Maps because – let’s face it – they don’t need to. Technology is a wonderful tool, but it’s also changing the way that many industries operate. For instance, as a florist, do you still handwrite all your cards for bouquets, or do you use a printer?

It may surprise you, but handwriting cards is still the best way to go, and there’s a variety of reasons why. 

Handwritten v. print

You may think the answer is obvious as to why print rules out over handwritten cards, but outside of the time you have to dedicate to handwriting, there aren’t as many benefits as you might think. Handwriting cards allows you a unique opportunity to add flair and prevent mishaps. Here are our top three reasons why handwriting wins out.

  1.   Reduce mistakes

How many times have you ever had a customer complain that you got the message wrong on their printed card? Sometimes customers make typos or mistakes themselves when they’re submitting a message (whether online or in-person). When you handwrite all the cards, it might add some time to your day, but you’re also making sure that you get each and every one of your orders right the very first time that you do it. Seems worth it to us!

  1.   Personal touch

There’s something special about handwriting. For example, no one treasures the recipes they have that are typed up, they treasure the ones they have in their great grandmother’s handwriting that has been passed down for generations. A printed card is a way to ensure neat and legible writing, but it isn’t at all personal. When you take the time to handwrite your cards, you’re adding a personal touch that other florists will have a hard time competing with.

  1.   Connect with customers

Perhaps this is more for you than anyone else but writing out cards in your own hand is one of the best ways to stay involved with your customers. Who is sending who flowers? Did someone pass? Is someone getting married or having a baby? You don’t just have customers coming in to buy flowers every single day – you have real people with lives and stories. Writing out their messages is a way for you to stay connected to the small impact you’re having.

Tips to improve your handwriting

Now, you may have been thinking, “Sure, I would write out my cards, but my handwriting is awful.” Don’t worry! It can be tough to feel like you’ll be able to write out each card neatly if you’ve always struggled with your handwriting, but there are tips and tricks that can help improve your handwriting.

  1. Get a good pen. This is a pen that fits well in your hand. Don’t go out and buy the most expensive pen on the market or a calligraphy pen that you don’t know how to use. You just need something that you feel confident with.
  2. Stay relaxed. One of the mistakes that people make with handwriting is being too tense. Maintaining a relaxed grip is important so that your hand isn’t achy after just a few cards. Check yourself to ensure that your muscles aren’t overly flexed, your fingernails aren’t white, and you aren’t clutching the pen.
  3. Practice before doing. We all have a tendency to get anxious and want to jump into the main event but taking time to warm up your hand can be beneficial when it comes to handwriting. Practice nice form letters (either in print or cursive) that get you ready for the cards you’ll be creating for customers.
  4. Adjust the paper if needed. Don’t feel the need to keep the card at a perfect 180-degree angle if you don’t need to. While this may be how you were trained in school, you’re at complete liberty to adjust the card to ensure you get your handwriting to look the best it possibly can.
  5. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Did we mention practice? Sure, it might not be the most fun you’ve ever had, but practicing your handwriting is the best way to improve You’ll be able to see your form improving and becoming neater with each passing day.

Final thoughts

Handwriting cards may initially sound like a hassle, but when you create a personal way to connect with customers and prevent mistakes, it’s a win all around. If you’re worried about providing professional looking cards to customers without a printer, never fear! There are plenty of handwriting tips that can help you. Just remember to practice, practice, practice!

Image Credit: Samantha Hurley

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