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During your complimentary, no obligation consultation we give you our undivided attention and get to know you as a couple, your tastes and style, and also set the foundations for a creative concept and quotation.

To organise your consultation, please complete the following quesitonnaire which should only take a couple of minutes.

Please feel free to skip any questions you’re not sure about at this stage, but it would be helpful if you could complete as much as possible. If you have any intitial questions including questions on timings and budgets, they may be answered already on our FAQ’s page.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will email you within one business day to arrange a date and time to meet.

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Would you like a throw away bouquet?

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How many Flowers Girls do you have and how old are they?

Would you like Flower Crowns, Petal Baskets, Bouquets or Hair Flowers for the Flower Girls?

How many Corsages would you like for the ladies and would you like them pinned or as wristlets?

How many Buttonholes would you like for the men?

Would you like flowers for the family home?

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Would you like an Archway, Flower Wall, Urn Designs or Aisle Flowers for the Ceremony setting?

Would you like fresh Rose Petal Cones?

What style of Ceremony are you having? Church, Garden, Shule or Reception Venue?

Would you like flowers styled on the Signing Table?

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How many Guest Tables will there be?

Are you having a Bridal / Focal Table?

Would you like a Hanging Installation, Flower Wall or Custom Installation?

Would you like fresh Cake Flowers? Who is your cake supplier?

Are you having a Cocktail or Formal Sit Down style Reception?

Would you like Thank You Gifts for guests?

Do you need flowers for the Bridal Suite or Bathrooms?

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Delivery to Bride and BridesmaidsDelivery to Groom and GroomsmenSet up and styling of CeremonyTransfers from Ceremony to ReceptionSet up and styling of ReceptionNext day Reception pick up and home delivery

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