Spring 2013

Spring 2013

As we welcome another spring here at Kate Hill Flowers, we are excited to share with you a prelude to some of the beauty she will bring over the next few months.

After such a cold and wet winter it's so wonderful to finally see the sun and feel warm again. It's amazing what a couple of warm days in Melbourne does to your soul. The warmer weather also does amazing things for our seasonal flowers too. In order for flowers to thrive, they need a good balance of warm sunlight and good rain. Balanced sunlight gives great strength to flowers which means a great quality product for our clients. The warmth also brings on growth so there's always an abundance of flowers to choose from this time of year. It's the perfect time of year to soil yourself!

The Kate Hill Flowers store is bursting with spring beauties such as sweet peas, hyacinth, blossoms, tulips, flowering helleborus, flowering magnolia, poppies, freesias, stock, ranunculus, roses (multiple varieties) and more. We are hoping to start sourcing peony roses (the pink varieties are first to flower) by the end of October for all those peony rose lovers

Pop into the store to be submerged by spring !

x Kate

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