Heavenly Disbuds for Mum

Heavenly Disbuds for Mum

Imported Disbud Chrysanthemums have become a popular flower of late.

Locally grown varieties are only available in May and they are the traditional Mother’s Day flower. The locally grown varieties are available in beautiful natural colours such as white, cream, yellow, mauve, gold, pale pink and mid pink. There’s no need to dye the locals (see image at bottom), and their bloom size is always impressive.

The imported Disbuds come from Asia and the wholesaler we use imports them from Malaysia. These imported varieties, which are in season all year around, are grown in the majestic Cameron Highlands in Pahang.

Available in a huge range of colours, from white, pink, yellow, rust, to green and even blue. Some white varieties are soaked in dye and are transformed into pink, orange, brown and blue varieties.

They are also available in multiple varieties such as Anatasia or Spider, Big Mum, Jimba and Standard. We source the large White, Pink & Rust, Big Mum and Spider Green varieties. Once picked from the farm, it takes less than 24 hours for the blooms to land in Australian retail stores. Suppliers import them at least 3 times a week to ensure they fulfill their demand.

They arrive out of water, laying down in a cool packed long flower box and each bloom head is individually hand wrapped in white tissue (pictured below). We quickly unwrap them, recut their stems, condition each stem and get them into fresh water.

Disbuds have no fragrance so they are a great choice for those who suffer allergies & hay fever.

The Disbud varieties we source are long lasting and depending on how you care for them, can last over one month.

We recommend the following Flower Care:

  1. Remove any foliage from the stem that is likely to sit below the vase waterline. This will help reduce bacterial growth, making your flowers last longer.
  2. Clean the vase thoroughly before filling it 1/2 way with fresh, clean water. I recommend cleaning your vases with a drop of bleach to kill any bacteria.
  3. Recut the stems on a 45% angle before arranging the flowers into the vase.
  4. Refresh and refill the water every 2 days.
  5. If you are arranging Disbuds with another flower, we recommend a long lasting flower such as a long stemmed Lilies or Roses so you get to enjoy all the flowers for a length of time and don’t need to rearrange them after a few days.

From a design point of view, we also recommend you arrange the Disbuds on mass, or with a touch of lush foliage.

x Kate


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