A legacy of Style and Innovation

Born into a family of designers, Kate always showed a sharp eye for style trends, and found beauty and inspiration in all forms of design.

While perusing a career in interior design, her ambitions took a turn while “helping out” one weekend at her friend’s florist shop. Kate immediately fell in love with the art of floral design. Over the coming years she would refocus her energy, earned a diploma in floral design, and leave home for the bright lights of Melbourne.

In Australia’s bustling capital of design, fashion, and culture, Kate soon landed work with Melbourne’s top florists.

As her reputation and portfolio grew, so too did her close relationships with Australia’s top growers and suppliers.

Before long Kate opened a private design studio where she could take on large-scale projects and attract Melbourne’s most talented floral designers.

It didn’t take long for word to spread. Soon, Kate’s clients included leading fashion houses, corporations, luxury hotels and a Who’s Who list of Australian celebrities and business elite.

In 2012, Kate expanded her brand even further, opening the doors to her first retail store, located on 537 High Street, Prahran. Since then, it has set the benchmark for retail floristry in Australia.

It’s been eighteen years now since Kate Hill lent a hand at her friend’s florist. True to her art, she continues to evolve as a visionary designer and a leader in her field. Her passionate team continue to push the boundaries of floral design with a focus on service, creativity, and the masterful execution of the every client’s vision.

kate hill